On Bonton Farms

The USDA has a term used for an urban area in which it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food. They call it a “Food Desert”.

Many poor people live in food deserts—where they have plenty of food but none of it healthy.

Bonton is a South Dallas community where 85% of men have been to prison, poverty is rampant and jobs are scarce. Bonton is also a “Food Desert”, where access to healthy foods is non-existent. Read more about Bonton Farms and what living in a “food desert” is like, here: http://bontonfarms.org/our-story/.

I would also encourage you to listen to this podcast episode of “Culture Matters” by The Village Church.

But why should I read more about a farm in the middle of Dallas and listen to a podcast about Systemic Racism?

Because ignorance is not and never will be bliss.

One of the best things we can do is have a conversation with each other.

Define, ‘good’.

Whether you type the above title in your web browsers search bar or copy and paste it into a Google search bar, the results that return are all man-made or man collected.

Not an opinion, it’s a fact.

A dictionary, sometimes known as a wordbook, is a collection of words in one or more specific languages, often arranged alphabetically, which may include information on definitions, usage, etymologies, pronunciations, translation, etc. or a book of words in one language with their equivalents in another, sometimes known as a lexicon.

Did the collector of words define, “good”?

Did the sources they collected from define, “good”?

Was the source they collected from, Terence, Christian, Kim, Christopher, Rick, Gary, Sir Andrew, Judit, Paul, or Stephen?

But I am just as human as any of those 10 intelligent people, why can’t I define “good”?

You can. But you shouldn’t.

You shouldn’t because you will always leave the definition a little short of its fullest and perfect definition. You shouldn’t because we have been defining/re-defining “good” for thousands of years and we are no closer to the perfect most precise definition of “good” than when it was first defined.

First defined?

And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.
Genesis 1:31

We are good.

We are defined as very good. When we choose to define “good”, we are erasing the given definition and creating our own. If you, like me, have re-defined “good” don’t worry. Everything created by God, which I believe we all are, is good, and nothing is to be rejected.


Questions, comments, or concerns? Email me.

Just ask for a do-over.

I did.

I feared I wouldn’t be respected.

I wrestled with admitting I’m wrong.

I thought I would lose ground.

It gave me more respect.

It made me vulnerable and not “all-knowing”.

It returned the ground I lost and established new ground.

Being a parent/human requires me to ask for a do-over every now and then because I speak quickly instead of listening quickly.

So let’s speak slower and listen quicker. What do you say?

Poultry farmers are tricky

But there are no tricks when it comes to saving money. There is only you and I, being intentional.

The phrase “nest egg” comes from a practice that most, if not all, poultry farmers do, to encourage a hen to have more eggs. But we the human race have hijacked this phrase and applied it to our monetary future.

Not that there is anything wrong with saving for the future, but I think the poultry farmers have a better idea on how to produce more.

The poultry farmer intentionally leaves one egg in the hen’s nest to encourage her to have more eggs.

Having a monetary nest egg makes sense to the majority of us. Simply put, a monetary nest egg is a savings account with compound interest. But what does a nest egg of time look like? How can you and I leave some time behind, to encourage the growth of more time?

I don’t mean to make a 24 hour day, 28 hours. I am referring to time spent with others.

Maybe a good place to start is leaving time, tasks, and to-dos at work so that more time can compound with those you love and love to be around.

It’s a start.

Where did I go?

Nowhere special. I am still here. You might be seeing less of me…


I was a teenager when the concept of having a personal computer in your home was put into action. I remember my parents’ first computer. It was an old Packard Bell that came with a monitor that weighed more than any of my kids do, and an Encarta Encyclopedia CD.

Fast forward a couple of decades and the majority of you reading this are reading it on a computer that can fit in your pocket.

Let that sink in for a bit…

Yes. A smart phone can do 99.9% of all the things that we once sat or stood in front of, to do. Things that bring glory and things that reject glory.

So where did I go? I turned more towards the glory so that my reflection toward and upon others would be that of Christ.

I knew it was a “Jesus thing”.

Yes. Yes, it is. But that doesn’t make me better than anyone, or that I am making a wise-er choice.

I’m not going to tell you what I am specifically doing to turn more towards glory. Only if you ask. I’m not going to tell you that you too should turn more towards glory. Even though I know, and I think you do too, it will be a better decision for you. You decide.

How I plan my goals

The process by which you make and achieve your goals can be easily identified by the creation of positive and consistent momentum. In other words, whatever process you use it must constantly create momentum toward those goals. If you are not then your system is most likely broken.

The clearest system that has emerged from some patterns over the years, includes the following ideas.

Write it Down – I’ve spoken about this a few times and most of us know that there’s power in simply manifesting an idea locked in your brain and bringing it out into the light. Putting it down makes it real. It’s dangerous and it may even scare you, but writing it down is the first part. I start by writing it down, in my notebook.

Tell Others – A goal worth achieving is a goal worth telling others about because your goal is awesome, right? If it’s not awesome then you need a bigger goal. Telling others creates accountability, but it’s not enough.

Ask for Help – It’s not enough to tell others, although you should tell lots of people, you need a much smaller group to help you achieve it. Your goal is yours personally but making it happen will most likely take a tribe.

Refine and Review – Any goal you have will most likely need to be reviewed and refined as you walk towards it as there are very few goals that are perfectly crafted right out of the gate. I review mine constantly because if I don’t I forget them or attempt to create new ones to take their place. I have a nasty habit of creating great goals and then creating more, and more, and more, and more.

And that’s about it.

RSS is The Best

RSS is the best way to consume content online. It always has been, and it still is.

Not gated, not filtered, no ads, just what you want.

If you’re not using it, can I strongly suggest you give it a try? I use Feedly.

Here’s a great step by step intro on RSS for you…

Once you are ready to add this blog, just type in http://feeds.feedburner.com/lancemmorgan to your Reader, that’s it, done.

It’s not particularly difficult to keep up with 200 blogs you care about in less than hour using an RSS reader. RSS provides home delivery. Instead of remembering where to click, or waiting for a post to get all buzzy and hot, the good stuff comes to you. Automatically and free.

RSS is quiet and fast and professional and largely hype-free. Perhaps that’s why it’s not the flavor of the day.