Remind. Give. Help.

Dad’s with daughters, you must remind your daughter that they are a strong, beautiful, and were created in the image of their Heavenly Father. You must give them proud praises for the little things, so that they sing praises to their Creator. You must help them cultivate their fiery being so that they grow up […]

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Start with you… When you are having trouble communicating. When you can not get your kid(s) to respond appropriately. When your team is not cooperating. When your marriage is struggling. Before you address the problem with the other person… Ask, “What is wrong with me?” What in me needs to change? How am I contributing […]

Save Money by…

I have possessed the knowledge that I should be saving money since I was paid for doing chores as a kid. Apparently, I am not the only one that thinks saving money is an important thing to do. According to the American Psychological Association, as many as 80% of Americans are stressed about their personal […]

How to Dad by Jordan Watson

I give 1, possibly 2, pieces of advice when a friend or acquaintance is becoming a Dad for the 1st time. Having 3 kids myself, I have learned the best thing to do in the hospital, day 1. Change the diapers.  Mom can’t. Or she really shouldn’t. Just assume she can’t. So you should. My […]

Meet Stephen, Melissa, and Extend Your Tent

I would love to introduce you to Stephen and Melissa. Digitally, for the time being, but in person whenever I can. Lauren and I met Stephen and Melissa, at a meeting to discuss how our church could care for orphans. If you didn’t know this already, my family and I are foster care providers. The […]

Mr. Bill Taught Me Why

Within 2 months of me in my early 20s and being given the responsibility of leading the student ministry at Chets Creek Church, Mr. Bill began to teach me why. He asked me to make an exception for what I believed to be a hard no. He went above me to get a yes, so […]

The LOUD Leader’s Voice

Photo Credit: David B Young The leader’s voice is loud. Not because his or her decibel levels are awkwardly higher than normal, but because their voice loudly resonates in the minds of those they lead. At some point, the leader will find him or herself trying to remember what words were said or what words were […]