Mr. Bill Taught Me Why

Within 2 months of me in my early 20s and being given the responsibility of leading the student ministry at Chets Creek Church, Mr. Bill began to teach me why.

He asked me to make an exception for what I believed to be a hard no.

He went above me to get a yes, so I called him to ask why.

As tense, nervous, weak, and undermined as I felt, Mr. Bill taught me why.

Over the past 10 plus years Mr. Bill and I have met on and off, mostly at Starbucks, to ask each other why. 

We asked why questions about technology. We asked why questions about parenting. We asked why questions about family. We asked why questions about God, Jesus, and the Bible.

Bill Gellerstedt passed away. He didn’t ask why he died so young, or why he left an amazing family behind.

I would thank Mr. Bill after every cup of coffee and conversation for letting me ask a lot of questions and for answering my questions with more questions. 

Mr. Bill taught me why, so that my beliefs were a firm foundation for me to teach others why.

Thank you, Mr. Bill.
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