6 Steps to Organize Your Giving

In his book Generous Living, financial expert Ron Blue makes this bold statement:

“If I could boil down everything I have ever learned into one sentence or thought, it would be this: Generosity and financial freedom are inextricably linked.”

Ron Blue, “Generous Living”

He goes on to say,

“The folks who enjoy genuine freedom and joy are those who give the most, relative to their incomes.”

Ron Blue, “Generous Living”
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3 Ways to Manage Your Money Better

What can we do to meet our basic needs and provide for some of our wants without going into debt and wrecking our financial future? I suggest 3 ways to manage your money better.

1. Spend every dollar on paper before you get paid.

Too often we spend money without really knowing our financial ability. We look at our checking account balance, we do some mental math, and decide we can spend. The reality is, most of us can’t remember what we ate for lunch three days ago. How can we expect to make good spending decisions doing mental math?

We can’t!

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