Meet Stephen, Melissa, and Extend Your Tent

I would love to introduce you to Stephen and Melissa. Digitally, for the time being, but in person whenever I can.

Lauren and I met Stephen and Melissa, at a meeting to discuss how our church could care for orphans.

If you didn’t know this already, my family and I are foster care providers.

The meeting was too short, I blame myself for talking too much, so we had to meet to continue the conversation.

So Stephen and I met one night and talked for a couple of hours. Let me rephrase that, our hearts talked for hours.

Seeing a passionate person and hearing a passion, a longing, a desire, spoken by someone is two different things. That’s what you hear when Stephen and Melissa talk about adoption and caring for orphans. Passion.

They see orphan care as being bigger than just a child. They see orphan care as care for all parties involved in the process. They see it as a responsibility to educate others with what they have learned and to continue learning themselves. 

They have quickly become a resource, and friends, for Lauren and I to connect with other families who have questions about the world of adoption.

Read more about their adoption story and the organization they have started Extend Your Tent, where they are spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through adoption. You can read their story, here.

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