Save Money by…

I have possessed the knowledge that I should be saving money since I was paid for doing chores as a kid. Apparently, I am not the only one that thinks saving money is an important thing to do.

According to the American Psychological Association, as many as 80% of Americans are stressed about their personal finances and the economy.

Saving money is a very personal part of personal finances.

Save money by managing it well.

Start budgeting. If you do not have a budget, here. If you do not know why you need a budget, or how to use one, let’s talk.

Save money by cutting your spending.

Get rid of costly entertainment, eating out, and unnecessary shopping. No more movie theaters. No more fast food, or restaurants. If you don’t need it, you don’t need it.

Evaluate necessary expenses. Sometimes you just need a phone that makes calls and/or texts. Paying to have a small computer in your pocket, might not be necessary.

Take a look at your bills. Again. And again. Get out of debt. A big challenge I know, let’s talk.

Save money by increasing your income.

Go to work. If you ask my 8 and 6-year-old where they need to go, if they want money, they will say, “to work.”

Offer your services. Can you do something that someone else needs? Create a website. Walk some dogs. Mow some yards.

Minimize your stuff. My wife and I are doing this right now. Be an extreme minimalist, or start looking into minimalism.

Save money by getting crazy.

Sell your car. Is it cheaper to ride share than own a car? Take the bus to work and avoid car payments and maintenance.

Stop saving in other areas. Press pause on some other savings. Remember. We are not saving for personal gratifications. We are saving for the rainy day. It will rain one day.

Believe. As cliche as that sounds. It is a must. You don’t doubt you. You don’t let others doubt you. Believe.

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