A brief dossier:

  • Name: Lance Michael Morgan
  • Age: 35
  • Location: Jacksonville, FL
  • Full-Time: Software Analyst
  • AKA: Daddy to 1 girl & 3 boys, the luckiest man in the land to my wife of 12+years, a coach and mentor to a few folks who want to live a generous life.
  • Other Stuff: Goodies, Blog Series,

A Quick Bio (in 3rd person)

Lance Morgan is passionately concerned about the generosity of this generation and every generation that follows. Over the past decade, he has leveraged learning, knowledge, and service to lead, teach and train adults, students, and children about living a generous life by stewarding what God has given them. Everything above nothing is a gift given to us by God, so everyone has a choice to make when it comes to generosity. As a parent and concerned human being, Lance has embraced the responsibility to leave not only a legacy of generosity to his children but to also share with as many as possible the impact that a generous life will have on the people around us. No disciple is above their teacher, but when everyone is fully trained, they will be like their Teacher.

Please use the above paragraph for all media publications. You can download a headshot/photo HERE.

The Full Biography

It’s coming. I promise.


Why do you blog? That’s a really great question and I have a really great answer (I think). You can read more about it soon.

Goodies: I’ve written a ton on a number of things that can help people live a generous life as well as built a few free things that you can download for free.

Colophon: Interested in seeing how I get stuff done? I’m creating a page that I’ll continue to update as time goes on.

Coaching, Consulting, Speaking: I also enjoy coaching and consulting as well as speaking when I have time. If interested, feel free to contact me.

Ask Me Anything: You can always email me. There’s also a good chance that I’ve written about the topic you’re inquiring about… so use that search box at the top of the page.