About Lance M. Morgan

My name is Lance. I’m a human being living in the hot sun of Jacksonville, Florida with my beautiful wife Lauren and 4 kids.

Easter 2019 – Front: Leland, Lindley, Lincoln. Back: Lance, Lauren, Lloris.

In the past, I worked at IAMACTIVE.org as their Executive Director. I’ve served on staff with two churches in various roles, each including the discipleship of elementary kids, students, adults.

I am a question asking introvert, that talks a lot about Jesus, stepping into the afflictions of orphans, and how we can all steward ourselves well.

I support local BBQ joints, drink my coffee black, am a fan of the Florida Gators and Baltimore Orioles, and I golf.

My Personal Website

Through my blog and podcast, my mission is to give you the clarity, courage, and commitment you need to succeed—at what God has for you in His plan for the world. From practical tools to accomplish your dreams and goals to strategies for personal growth and development, to an intentional path to greater influence and contribution, my goal is to empower you to do what matters most, to God.